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What you need to know to get results from your website and online marketing.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2021

You've built a new website, and now the wait for clients to visit your site begins. However, you check the analytics every month and notice that your site doesn't seem to get as many visitors as you would hope.  The good news is that getting more traffic to your site is not in the realm […]
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Why Is My Website Not Generating Leads?

We’ve all heard that SEO is the way to generate more leads and bump your website’s search rankings, but how? Maybe you are familiar with the term SEO, but you’re realizing optimizing your website for search may sound so easy to do — but it’s actually quite complicated.  Lead generation is one of the primary […]
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Making Your Website Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy

Having a competent, engaging and eye-catching website is your best strategy to generate more leads and to see those leads become real sales. Your website is your greatest marketing tool, but like most tools, you need to know how to use it to get the most out of it.  Here are 5 tips to help […]
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Should I DIY My Website?

Buyer behavior has changed a lot since early 2020. More and more consumers are going online to shop to fulfill the vast majority of their needs. The online business boom has its advantages if you have a proper website and keep it optimized to get the most out of it that you can.  Creating a […]
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Why Use WordPress For My Business' Website?

There is a pretty good chance you’ve already browsed several WordPress-powered websites just searching the internet today. Over 74 million websites use WordPress to post new content to their pages every SECOND.  If that statistic wasn’t impressive enough, WordPress also powers 27% of all websites on the internet. Being that they are the most popular […]
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Why You Need an SEO-Friendly Website

Having a website without a way for customers to find you is quite counterproductive, so making sure your website is built to be SEO-friendly is — by far — one of the best avenues for new and potential customers to find you in the vastness of the internet. Content is key, but that key needs […]
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Essential Components Your Restaurant Website Should Have

Restaurant websites can be excellent tools that help drive traffic to your business. However, you can’t just throw up any old website and expect to see positive returns.  A great website should have certain essential components for it to drive traffic to your business effectively. If you leave something out, or if your site isn’t […]
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4 Tips to Bring in Business Through Local Reviews

Local reviews are important for your business and we want to help you with some ways on how to boost them. There is a lot of psychology and research about online reviews, for example, here are some stats. Customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews. 72% of consumers say […]
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7 Features Every Website Should Have

Creating and updating your website can be a stressful endeavor. Suppose you are designing a website or even simply modernizing it. In that case, there can be many essential aspects, like refurbishing the out-of-date information or adding SEO that allows it to be more readily found by your target audience. When designing a website, it […]
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How Clients and Designers Can Collaborate On a Successful Website

The relationship between website designers and clients is at the center of effective website design. It's only through working together that the final product meets all of the goals the two parties have set. However, maintaining a healthy relationship that supports projects rather than impedes them isn't always easy.  Though clients may come from different […]
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How a Dated Website Hurts Your Business

Think about the actions you take when you're surfing the web. When you land on an outdated website, one that looks old, neglected, and ugly, what do you do?  Chances are, you click away. You may wonder whether or not this company is even in business, or if they are, whether or not they're making […]
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9 Signs That You Need a New Website ASAP

When you have a website, regardless of what type of business you have, you and your customers both have expectations.  Your website is a great marketing tool, but it is only as good as its performance, content, and ability to function.  Your website is often a potential customer’s first impression of your business. It is […]
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