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What Is On-Page SEO, and Why Should I Care?

Is your website doing all it can to bring in customers? Are you even sure that people see it when they search online? Maybe you’ve heard about SEO and keywords, but you aren’t sure how you can use these things to boost your business. Your website needs to meet certain criteria to be ranked more […]
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Generating Social Proof: Encouraging Your Customers and Clients to Leave Great Reviews

Using social media to advertise your business can be a most powerful tool and can also  be the difference between increasing your sales or going out of business. Thanks to sites like Google, Yelp, Foursquare, and Facebook, 90% of people’s buying decisions are influenced by reviews on these sites and more. When you aren’t asking […]
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What You Need to Know About How People View Websites

We’ve all heard the adage, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This is especially true with your website. In today’s digital world, your website and brand provide a first look into who you are and what you’re about within seconds.  Before you create a new website or update your current […]
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What Can You Do About Bad Reviews Online?

You’ve gotten multiple five-star reviews for your quality services, as well as your open, consistent, and positive interactions with your clients and customers. You try your absolute best every day to deliver quality services to your customers. However, there’s no way around getting that one customer who just isn’t thrilled about their experience and has […]
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Why Your Business Needs a Custom Website in 2021

You’re more driven than ever when it comes to your business. You have a solid client base and the reviews to back it up — but you want more. You want to see exponential growth in 2021. Consumer behavior has changed and people are relying more and more on what they can find online. Sure, […]
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Mastering the Call to Action

Marketing, in its simplest form, promotes the buying and/or selling of a product or service.  As a business owner you’re always trying to figure out what audience you’re hitting and how they receive/understand the message behind the marketing content you’re putting out.  Is your target audience reading your content in its entirety? Do they find […]
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What Is a Call-to-Action and Why Is It Important?

When it comes to businesses (especially small ones), marketing is crucial. Obviously small businesses can utilize free tools such as social media to promote their business and the services they provide, but often their own website represents the best potential investment and the bulk of their marketing via content, sales, and more. With social media, […]
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How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

There are over 3.5 billion smartphone users globally. 77% of those users are American, and 62% of those American users have purchased on their mobile device.  With numbers like this, it’s  easy to see why every website should be optimized for mobile devices in 2021 and beyond.  You might be thinking, “Easier said than done.” […]
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Surprising Things You Probably Didn't Know About SEO

You’re trying to build your business in every way possible this year. Coming up with a concept and website was the easy part. You built out your website with a sleek theme and eye-catching design elements. You created a portfolio with past work and existing clients to build trust with potential new clients as well. […]
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How Can a Website Bring Me New Leads and Potential Customers?

It’s 2021. Having a website for your business is a non-negotiable. Even if you don’t want or need a worldwide market, your business still needs to be searchable, safe, and representative of your business in a positive way. If you don’t have a website, we can’t stress this enough - you need one. If you […]
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Tips for Building a Great Trade Website

Having a website these days is essential, but having the right type of website for your trade is even more critical. A well thought out website is your online 24/7 business card and best-selling salesman. Your website visitors will research you, your business, and your competitors before deciding who to contact first. You want it […]
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How Your Website Builds Trust in Your Brand

Having a website is a necessary building block to a solid brand in whatever industry you’re in. It introduces potential customers to you, describes how you can help them, and mostly, it helps build trust to stand out against your competitors by differentiating your voice and ethos from the crowd. Creating a small business website […]
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