Expert Care to Keep Your Website at Its Best

Reliable Support, Lasting Performance

Guard and grow your online presence with our comprehensive website care plans, designed to keep your site secure, updated, and performing at its best.

Comprehensive Website Protection and Care

Keep your website running smoothly with our care plans, enhancing visitor engagement and protecting against online threats. Regular updates and security checks maintain your site’s health, offering you peace of mind.

Our plans ensure your website stays current and performs at its best, allowing you to focus on your business while we manage the technical details for you.

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Essential Services for Your Website's Health and Security

Our Website Care Plans encompass a suite of key services, each critical for maintaining your site's health and security.

  • Managed Cloud Hosting

    Enhance your site's speed and dependability, offering visitors a seamless browsing experience.

  • SSL Certificate

    Builds customer trust by securing their data, crucial for credibility and online transactions.

  • Wordpress Updates

    Stay ahead with the latest features and security, ensuring a robust and up-to-date site.

  • Plugin & Theme Maintenance

    Regular updates minimize compatibility issues, keeping your site smooth and secure.

  • Daily Website Backups

    Protect your content against loss, offering quick recovery in case of emergencies.

  • Malware & Bot Protection

    Defend your site from attacks, ensuring continuous safety for your users.

  • Restoration Services

    Quick recovery solutions for peace of mind in case of website issues.

  • Content Updates

    Available in higher-tier plans for fresh and relevant site content.

  • Safeguard Your Site with the Perfect Care Plan

    Select from our tailored Website Care Plans, each crafted to support different website needs and maintenance goals, ensuring your site stays secure, efficient, and aligned with your business strategy.

    • Essential

      Essential maintenance and updates for stable website performance.
        Managed cloud hosting
        SSL certificate
        WordPress core updates
        Plugin & theme updates
        Daily website backups
        Database optimization
        Google Analytics setup
        Anti-spam and website email deliverability
        DNS management
        Three 30-Minute Tasks*
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    • Professional

      Comprehensive support with automated review marketing and extra tasks.
        All Essential Support Services
        Ten 30-Minute Tasks*


        Automated Review System
        Boost your online reputation with our automated review system. Requests reviews and centralizes responses, enhancing trust, search rankings, and traffic.
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    • Premium

      Tailored support and marketing solutions for high-demand websites.
        All Professional Support Services
        Unlimited 30-Minute Tasks*
        24-hour response time

        Add-ons May Include:

        Ecommerce Support
        CRM with Automations
        Booking Calendars
        Email Marketing Platform
        Social Posting Platform
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    *Thirty-Minute Tasks include quick content edits, updates, or minor changes, each taking no more than 30 minutes. These tasks do not cover the addition of new features or pages. There's a limit of one such task per day.

    Frequently asked questions

    Check out our FAQs for insights into our website care plans, services, and how we can help your business thrive online.

    What does Managed Cloud Hosting mean?

    Managed Cloud Hosting ensures your website is hosted on reliable, high-performance servers for optimal accessibility and speed.

    What are 30-Minute Tasks?

    These are quick updates or edits we can do for your website, such as content changes, which take 30 minutes or less.

    How do daily backups benefit my website?

    Daily backups protect your website’s data, allowing quick restoration in case of accidental loss or hacking incidents.

    Why is database optimization important?

    Database optimization keeps your website running smoothly by managing your site’s data efficiently.

    What is included in WooCommerce or SureCart support?

    This includes specialized assistance for your e-commerce platform, ensuring it runs seamlessly for an optimal shopping experience.

    What kind of updates are covered in the care plans?

    Our plans cover WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates, ensuring your site is secure and up-to-date.

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