Content that drives traffic and sales for your business

Engage Readers, Boost Rankings

Leverage content to attract leads and increase sales for your service-based business, turning words into business growth.

Purpose-Driven Content for Tangible Results

At KangoMedia, we approach content with a philosophy that balances professionalism with a personal touch. Our strategy revolves around understanding your audience and delivering content that not only ranks on search engines but also truly connects and engages.

We strive to create content that acts as a conversation starter between your business and your clients, building trust and driving conversions. Our focus is on making each word count, ensuring that it contributes to your business’s growth and customer relationships.

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Attract More Clients with Effective Blog Content

Our monthly content package, tailored for enhancing your business's SEO through blogging, includes:

  • Topic Planner

    Collaborate with us to select and approve topics, ensuring content aligns with your business goals.

  • Blog Articles

    Receive 3 SEO-optimized blog posts monthly (up to 1,250 words each), complete with structured headings, meta titles, and descriptions. Each article is accompanied by a complimentary royalty-free image.

  • Social Media Posts

    For each blog article, we create a corresponding social media post, designed to maximize engagement and drive traffic to your website.

  • Crafting Content That Engages and Converts

    Our streamlined process ensures every blog post is crafted to captivate your target audience, boosting your online presence and client engagement.
    1. Topic Ideation

      We begin with researching and proposing topics that align with your business objectives and audience interests.

    2. Client Collaboration

      You review and approve topics, ensuring they resonate with your brand and goals.

    3. Content Creation

      Our team of expert writers crafts engaging, SEO-optimized content, tailored to your specified topics.

    4. Quality Reviews

      Each piece undergoes a thorough review for quality, accuracy, and SEO effectiveness.

    5. Final Approval & Publishing

      You review the final drafts before they're published, ensuring they meet your expectations.

    6. Social Media Integration

      We then create complementary social media posts to promote your new content.

    Content Packages Tailored for Your Business Needs

    Choose from our range of content writing packages, each designed to fit different business goals and online strategies, enhancing your brand’s digital footprint.

    • Basic

      Ideal for maintaining a consistent online presence
        Two articles (up to 1000 words each)
        Content strategy consultation
        SEO keyword optimization for each article
        One free stock image per article
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    • Plus

      Perfect for increasing online engagement and reach
        Three articles (up to 1250 words each)
        Content strategy consultation
        SEO keyword optimization for each article
        One free stock image per article
        Social media post for each article
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    • Premium

      Comprehensive solution for maximizing online visibility and audience connection
        Four articles (up to 1500 words each)
        Content strategy consultation
        SEO keyword optimization for each article
        Up to 3 stock images per article
        Social media post for each article
        One monthly email newsletter up to 1500 words
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    Frequently asked questions

    Check out our FAQs for insights into our content writing process, services, and how we can help your business thrive online.

    What is SEO content writing?

    SEO content writing involves creating articles that are optimized to rank well in search engines, helping your business get more online visibility.

    How often should I update my blog?

    Regular updates are key to effective blogging. Our packages offer different frequencies to suit your needs, from bi-monthly to weekly posts.

    Can I suggest topics for the articles?

    Absolutely! We encourage your input for topics and also provide expert recommendations to best suit your SEO goals.

    What if I need revisions?

    We offer a set number of revisions to ensure the content meets your expectations and aligns with your brand’s voice.

    How does content writing benefit my business?

    Quality content writing attracts and engages your target audience, improves your website’s search engine ranking, and can lead to increased leads and sales.

    Will the content reflect my brand’s voice?

    Yes, our content is tailored to embody your brand’s unique voice and messaging style.

    Ready to attract more customers online?

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