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What you need to know to get results from your website and online marketing.

Understanding Local SEO

Local advertisements and word-of-mouth may be effective methods in drawing customers from your area. However, an online search can be just as beneficial, if not more so. In fact, 97% of search engine users have browsed online to check a local business. In addition, users looking for local information account for 46% of all Google […]
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How to Make Your Website More Visible on Google

The competition in your industry is fierce, so you’re doing everything in your power to boost your business and get your face and name out there.  Creating your logo and a website are just a small part of your business venture. Getting yourself noticed means creating a website that will attract potential customers to your […]
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Effective Tips to Improve Local SEO

Running a small business is tough. You’re responsible for everything from finances to design, services, and marketing. Moreover, you’re competing with other local businesses that are doing the exact same thing.  How do you stand out from the competition both in-person and online?  Building a web presence and using tools to rank higher in search […]
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What is Google My Business, and Why is it Important for Local SEO?

Are you a growing business looking for ways to amp up your SEO? Have you considered Google My Business but weren’t sure what it was all about? Google My Business is a highly-valuable tool that is essential to local businesses to get their name on the map in their community.  More consumers are relying on […]
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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2021

You've built a new website, and now the wait for clients to visit your site begins. However, you check the analytics every month and notice that your site doesn't seem to get as many visitors as you would hope.  The good news is that getting more traffic to your site is not in the realm […]
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Making Your Website Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy

Having a competent, engaging and eye-catching website is your best strategy to generate more leads and to see those leads become real sales. Your website is your greatest marketing tool, but like most tools, you need to know how to use it to get the most out of it.  Here are 5 tips to help […]
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Why You Need an SEO-Friendly Website

Having a website without a way for customers to find you is quite counterproductive, so making sure your website is built to be SEO-friendly is — by far — one of the best avenues for new and potential customers to find you in the vastness of the internet. Content is key, but that key needs […]
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What Is Off-Page SEO?

If you have any type of online presence such as e-commerce, online influencer, or even a brick-and-mortar store with an online presence, you have surely heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Of course, you know that SEO can be helpful to businesses, but if you’re like most business owners, you might not know exactly how. […]
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What Is On-Page SEO, and Why Should I Care?

Is your website doing all it can to bring in customers? Are you even sure that people see it when they search online? Maybe you’ve heard about SEO and keywords, but you aren’t sure how you can use these things to boost your business. Your website needs to meet certain criteria to be ranked more […]
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Surprising Things You Probably Didn't Know About SEO

You’re trying to build your business in every way possible this year. Coming up with a concept and website was the easy part. You built out your website with a sleek theme and eye-catching design elements. You created a portfolio with past work and existing clients to build trust with potential new clients as well. […]
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