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Why You Need an SEO-Friendly Website

Why You Need an SEO-Friendly Website

Having a website without a way for customers to find you is quite counterproductive, so making sure your website is built to be SEO-friendly is — by far — one of the best avenues for new and potential customers to find you in the vastness of the internet. Content is key, but that key needs to be found to unlock the door to success.

When you invest in a quality, SEO-friendly website, you improve your chances of ranking higher in Google searches, targeting the audience you intend to, and converting more of those visits into sales and repeat customers. Let’s go over some of the top reasons why SEO is essential for your business and why having an SEO-friendly web page is the best choice for any business today.

First, let’s go over the basics:

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on our website’s presence in search engine results like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, and more.. Nowadays many businesses look to SEO to help their target audience gain awareness of their brand and rank highly in search results for their associated goods and services.   

SEO-friendly web design creates websites that allow for the search engines to crawl and parse your page effectively, and in turn serve those pages to users based on the topics they search for. SEO-friendly websites make sure that the search engine can easily crawl their site and grab the content that is the most relevant to your business and your searches, making your page visible on SERPs (search engine result pages.)                                                                                                                                       

Why Is an SEO-Friendly Website Important?

Ensuring that your website has high rankings on SERPs and gathering your target audience to your page is very important to the overall traffic your page receives. When a website is designed with SEO in mind, not only do you have better chances for organic response from searches, but SEO works for you around the clock to grab the attention of more and more potential customers based on their needs. 

Benefits Of Having An SEO-Friendly Website

1. SEO strategies allow for increased brand awareness and organic search traffic – More people will be able to find you if you are at the top of SERPs. How many of us go to the 5th page of a Google search to find what we are looking for? When you have an SEO-friendly page, you are more likely to get a better ranking over time which leads to increased traffic from a perceived sense of authority and increased convenience for those searching. 

2. Utilizes CRO – SEO helps convert leads into customers by using CRO (conversion rate optimization) which is a technique that improves the sales conversions of visitors to your website. CRO collects data about your website and its visitors to show you how people generally interact with your site. 

This is a great insight into how your customers use  your website and if you need to change a certain aspect to increase conversions. 

3. Integrates responsive design into your website – Responsive design is a major component that is crucial to ensuring your website is fully utilized for growth and success, as it allows your website to adapt no matter what device the potential customer is using at the time. 

Responsive design makes sure that every device accessing your site is displaying the best version of your page and makes sure the customer is having a consistent, positive experience no matter if they are on a tablet, mobile phone, or desktop computer.

4. Get a good ROI (return on investment) – SEO is an engine that keeps your best marketing asset — your website — running even when you’re not. After a professional web designer implements SEO practices on your site, your site continues to work at getting you more clicks, visitors, sales, and recognition online. 

Just like a real engine, this is a complex and ongoing process that does occasionally require maintenance, however, which is why investing in professional website maintenance is highly recommended to protect your investment.

5. Helps your business stay competitive – All businesses strive to remain competitive with their industry to further their business growth. SEO is formulated to boost your online presence and accommodate that growth. 

The importance of having a SEO-friendly webpage cannot be overlooked, as it not only brings traffic to your page, but keeps customers coming back and keeping you at the top of the search engine results. Some choose to hire a professional web designer to optimize their website for SEO, as those designers have many important skills needed to enhance your opportunities and utilize all SEO has to offer for your business. 

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