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freddy rodriguez

Freddy Rodriguez

Founder / Lead Strategist

Since 2008, Freddy has been providing conversion-based websites & digital marketing services to small businesses to help organize their marketing and meet sales goals by generating more leads & customers online.

ada rodriguez

Ada Rodriguez

Co-Founder / Social Media Vixen

If you haven’t met Ada yet, you are missing out. She has an extensive background in sales and has an enormous passion for customer service.

erik sanchez

Erik Sanchez

Brand Evangelist / Project Manager

With over 15 years experience in marketing & sales, Erik has helped hundreds of businesses create brand awareness, streamline business practices, and increase client revenue.

kangomedia review

Client Reviews

John Martin
Images for Conservation
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I am totally happy with the service and responses Kangomedia has done. Everything has been done timely and correct. We have a judging platform for our photography contests that is the best I've seen. We have been working with Kangomedia for about 11 years now and will continue to work with them.
Vania Vazquez
South Texas Federal Credit Union
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I would like to thank Kangomedia for their great customer service. The service that I have received from Kango has been exceptional, I recently met with Erik to work together for an online reviews project. I like how they are up to date with the new features that are out there as well user friendly. One awesome benefit is that they are local and can have a face to face experience; another great benefit is that they are affordable. The knowledge they have and the quality they provide exceeds my expectations. Thank you so much for your great work!
Merab Martinez
Forensic Translation
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I have worked with Kango Media for over 10 years and they built over five websites for me for different businesses I've either owned or worked for, hoping to start on my sixth website soon as I have a Translation/Interpreting business. Every time, they have delivered above expectations and on time. They are not the cheapest in the area, neither should they be, but they are not the most expensive either. I love that they are a family owned business and we get to support local!
Blanca Navarro
Tequila Group
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Freddy & Ada have been amazing to work with. Their customer service is amazing and they are very quick to respond to any questions I have. I highly recommend KangoMedia!
Victor Morales
My Place Mobile Homes
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Working with Kango Media has been a great experience! They are some of the friendliest, and most knowledgeable people and listen to what your needs and wants are. Their design for our website was beyond what we expected. The service they provide is solid gold and has made our company shine. No doubt, 5 star company, and 5 star people!
Leigh Ann Godinez
Department of Assistive & Rehabilitation Services
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The website is beautiful and everyone loves it. The best feature about working with KangoMedia is the customer service provided and the friendliness of your staff. Your company definitely puts the customer first and we really appreciate all you have done to provide us with an exceptional website.
Andrew Smith
Estate Sales by Riverzedge
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We have 2 websites. Freddy and Ada designed both of them. On the first one, we went "low budget" and had a friend do it. Low budget cost us thousands of lost business because we had no results in online searches after MONTHS and MONTHS. Then, we hired Freddy and Ada. They fixed it immediately, totally redesigning it and optimizing the SEO. Our business immediately boomed. We have been with them ever since. In the most recent website upgrade they did for us, we saw an instant increase in submissions. We highly recommend them. They are very responsive and have helped our business grow tremendously.
Matthew Roel
Miracle Medical
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Kango Media is an utterly fantastic web design company. Kango Media was tremendously professional in how they met with and created an excellent website for Miracle Medical, the durable medical supply company that I work for. I HIGHLY recommend KangoMedia to any business that wants to create an excellent website.
Joel Geshay
Vintage Fab
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KangoMedia from the start made the project simple and fun. They have a fantastic balance of technical and creative abilities that make you feel at ease. I can not express to you enough how important that is when going through the brainstorming and back & forth idea sharing process...and if we could we would shout from the roof that this is your only choice for web-design!
Amy Hermansen
Sign Language Services
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Exceptional Customer Service!!! Immediate response to my request. Extremely helpful for someone like me who is tech illiterate.
Ana Garza
CJI Trucking
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Amazing work and extreme attention to detail! KangoMedia is a great company to work with, they are attentive and their customer service is the best.
Delvia Hinojosa
Medical Transducer Repair
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KangoMedia has helped me with my ideas for my company the first time around and made them better. We looked for other pricing before going with them but their pricing is more reasonable. So for our 2nd company, there was no doubt we had to go with Freddy and Ada for our second web design. One of the main thing we were looking for was for our website to appear on the 1st page in a search engine, They helped us achieve that goal and because of that our business has been more profitable. More customers have been able to come in contact with us. Freddy and Ada have excellent communication and customer service skills. They were always just a phone call away anytime we needed them and always followed through. They are very creative and knowledgeable and I look forward to working with them again.
Steven Zahurones
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KangoMedia delivered the site we had designed exactly as presented. The project was complete within budget and within a quick timeline. Freddy was very helpful with all of our questions as well.
Diana DeAlba
DeAlba Math Center
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KangoMedia Web Design is an excellent service provider. I found a 100% bilingual team, 100% Ingles y Espanol, always willing to help, quick response to all my questions and they are 100% reliable. They always helped me throughout the process of designing my website with fresh and fantastic ideas that I will never figure out by myself. I highly recommend KangoMedia Web Design, you are amazing!!
Tanya Bowyer
Superior Alarms
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One of the most significant improvements that have resulted from KangoMedia’s work is the amount of customer leads we are receiving through the website. We have seen at least a 90% increase in website leads, which is great!
Gilbert Rodriguez
Casso Construction
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Putting up a website is a very useful way to bring out your business to your community but at the same time is a difficult process to do. Kangomedia has gone above and beyond and has gained our trust for any future necessities we have. When reached, they are available or contact us quickly for assistance. Freddy and Ada are very knowledgeable in web designing and have great taste in designing. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants a professional, reliable and affordable web service done for their business .
Priscilla Martinez
All Action Party Rental
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I met Erik and Freddy at The Grindstone's Waffle Wednesday for their seminar on 5 Keys to a Strong Online Presence and their expertise flowed not only in the presentation but also when answering all of the questions following the presentation. I immediately implemented all of their pointers and have already seen results from my website and my LinkedIn profile. They are very knowledgeable and great people to work with and I highly recommend them!
Ed Stonebraker
Guardian eHealth Solutions
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We have used KangoMedia multiple times with great results. They continue to give us great ideas and their implementation of a project from conception to completion always exceeds expectations.

Where did the name KangoMedia come from?

This is a question that we get all the time. It’s pretty funny, actually, that so many people wonder this. It’s not too often that we wonder how other businesses came up with their name…but, it’s probably that many company names are quite self-explanatory.

We would love to say that our company-naming-process was very scientific and required much market research and public surveys to determine the perfect name that would convey the essence of our service and business.

But, that really isn’t the case. It’s much simpler than that. Almost embarrassingly simple.

One evening, Freddy and Ada were discussing options to name their newly found web design company. They wanted to choose a name that was fun and hip, something that would roll off the tongue, give a clear understanding of the services being provided, and have the essence of the Rio Grande Valley.

We know kangaroos have nothing to do with the RGV…so let us explain just a bit more.


So Ada, the fruit lover, suggested names of common fruits that Valley people would be familiar with (citrus, oranges, grapefruit, valley lemons, lemons, limes, etc). She then mentioned MangoMedia. She and Freddy liked it. However, upon some investigating, they found that MangoMedia already existed and the domain name was no longer available.

So, in a move of desperation…Freddy replaced the letter ‘M’ with the letter ‘K’, plus he was a fan of the Kangol Brand hats, and thus KangoMedia Web Design was born.

Shortly after registering the name KangoMedia Web Design with Hidalgo County, printing business cards, creating the company website, and other marketing materials, Freddy and Ada thought about putting a little more thought into renaming the company. However, almost every client had positive reaction and comments about our company name.

Every passing month and year has brought more referrals and business and KangoMedia is now a well established brand in the Rio Grande Valley. We love our business. We love our clients. We love our name.