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At the heart of our company is a commitment to empower your business, transforming your goals into tangible results.

Fueling Business Growth Through Digital Expertise

At KangoMedia, our story centers on empowering businesses to excel online. We started with a mission: to help our clients in McAllen and beyond grow through effective web design and digital strategies. Our path has been shaped by the successes we’ve helped our clients achieve.

We focus on what truly matters: delivering results that drive business growth. Every step in our journey reflects our dedication to the real-world success of those we partner with.

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Crafting Success: Our Client-Centric Approach

At KangoMedia, we blend your vision with our expertise, creating web solutions that drive real business growth.

  • Understanding Your Goals

    We start by getting to know your business inside-out. Understanding your objectives is key to creating a strategy that aligns with your vision and drives results.

  • Collaborative Strategy

    Our process is a partnership. We work closely with you, blending your insights with our expertise to develop a web solution that truly represents your brand and appeals to your audience.

  • Transparent Communication

    Clarity and transparency guide our journey together. From initial concepts to final deliverables, we keep you informed and involved, ensuring the final product exceeds your expectations.

  • Meet Our Dedicated Team

    Discover the passionate professionals behind KangoMedia, each bringing unique skills to craft your digital success story.

    Freddy Rodriguez

    Founder, Lead Designer & Developer
    Freddy is the visionary behind KangoMedia, expertly blending design and development to create impactful web solutions.

    Erik Sanchez

    Sales/Project Manager, Customer Liaison
    Erik excels in bridging client needs with KangoMedia's capabilities, ensuring projects are delivered seamlessly and clients are thoroughly satisfied.

    Ada Rodriguez

    Client Relations Specialist
    Ada is dedicated to fostering strong client relationships, ensuring every interaction with KangoMedia is positive and productive.

    Jessica Sanchez

    Client Relations Specialist
    Jessica enhances client connections with her warm approach, making every KangoMedia interaction a positive and engaging experience.
    We strive for honesty, continual improvement, and exceeding client expectations in every project.

    Where did the name KangoMedia come from?

    This is a question that we get all the time. It’s pretty funny, actually, that so many people wonder this. It’s not too often that we wonder how other businesses came up with their name…but, it’s probably that many company names are quite self-explanatory.

    We would love to say that our company-naming-process was very scientific and required much market research and public surveys to determine the perfect name that would convey the essence of our service and business.

    But, that really isn’t the case. It’s much simpler than that. Almost embarrassingly simple.

    One evening, Freddy and Ada were discussing options to name their newly found web design company. They wanted to choose a name that was fun and hip, something that would roll off the tongue, give a clear understanding of the services being provided, and have the essence of the Rio Grande Valley.

    We know kangaroos have nothing to do with the RGV…so let us explain just a bit more.

    So Ada, the fruit lover, suggested names of common fruits that Valley people would be familiar with (citrus, oranges, grapefruit, valley lemons, lemons, limes, etc). She then mentioned MangoMedia. She and Freddy liked it. However, upon some investigating, they found that MangoMedia already existed and the domain name was no longer available.

    So, in a move of desperation…Freddy replaced the letter ‘M’ with the letter ‘K’, plus he was a fan of the Kangol Brand hats, and thus KangoMedia Web Design was born.

    Shortly after registering the name KangoMedia Web Design with Hidalgo County, printing business cards, creating the company website, and other marketing materials, Freddy and Ada thought about putting a little more thought into renaming the company. However, almost every client had positive reaction and comments about our company name.

    Every passing month and year has brought more referrals and business and KangoMedia is now a well established brand in the Rio Grande Valley. We love our business. We love our clients. We love our name.

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