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Why Responsive Web Design is Important for Your Business

You want your audience to see your website the way you intended. If you’re not designing for mobile, the majority of the people who do see your site won’t be.

Guaranteeing a mobile-friendly version of your business website means maintaining the design and functionality of your pages across screen resolutions and aspect ratios for every single device

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design ensures that the design of your website responds to the user’s online behavior and works in any environment. This includes adapting for screen resolution, access platform, and orientation. 

Responsive web design relies on a mix of grids, layouts, media queries, and images to be flexible, giving the movement where and when needed to adjust to a user’s platform and device automatically. Whether a user is on an iPhone or viewing on  a laptop, the website should adjust without issues. 

Where does your business fit in terms of web design? Does it meet the needs of each user and potential customer? 

Responsive web design (or lack thereof) can make or break your business’ online presence. Here’s why. 

Why Your Business Needs Responsive Web Design

Better Search Engine Rankings

Mobile-friendly design means that your visitors and customers can access your site on the go and at home. 

Google and other search engines have recognized mobile indexing as a preference in their search engine rankings. 

But why the focus on mobile technologies?

Google rolled out its mobile-first indexing strategy in 2018, stating that “ranking systems have typically used the desktop version of a page’s content, which may cause issues for mobile searchers when that version is vastly different from the mobile version.” 

As a result, Google has placed increased emphasis on sites that put the mobile experience first and design accordingly, providing an inherent benefit in search engine rankings.

Building a responsive web design means ensuring your website receives the ranking it deserves to and not just an automatic shove to the side for lacking modern technology adjustments. Responsive design also means that SEO will work between devices, not just on one platform or another. 

More Website Traffic

Higher search engine rankings mean more people will find your business website when they search for a product or service you offer. 

Scrolling when you’re on the hunt for something quickly isn’t efficient, and most people click (or tap) on one of the first five search results

Using responsive web design for your business website makes your website more competitive in search engine rankings and gains you more organic web traffic.

Reach More Potential Customers

Think about your target market for the product or service your business offers. Are they consistently using the same platforms or devices to access your website?

Most likely, the answer to this question will be no. The data shows that repeat users access sites from an array of devices including desktop/laptop computers and mobile devices. 

The majority of website visits and online purchases are made from mobile. If a potential client/customer visits your site from their phone while they are away from their desk and either can’t access the information they need to or have trouble navigating your page, you’ve already lost them. 

Creating the least amount of friction between your audience finding you online and completing the desired behavior that you wish them to take on your site is crucial to making a positive impression and boosting your conversion rate. Visitors that have a bad mobile experience on your site will not make a note to come back when they get back to their desk, so make their mobile experience count.

Boost in Online Sales 

The amount of revenue that stems from online sales has grown exponentially in the last several years, meaning that a focus on responsive web design is necessary to keep up with the growth. 

The majority of online purchases now come from mobile. What represented roughly half of online sales in 2016 has increased to roughly 73% of all online sales in 2021. . Most mobile users will then purchase directly rather than waiting to purchase later. Incentivize them to do so with an easy and rewarding shopping experience.. 

Making your website user-friendly with a responsive design means that your customers will be able to shop through your website without running into any issues with link placement or layout malfunctions. 

Mobile Users and Social Media

Social media is mostly consumed and shared by mobile users. From accessing social media pages and accounts to sharing links, mobile users have the tools to help your business flourish at their fingertips. 

Responsive web design gives your mobile users the chance to spread links to your site and social media profiles far and wide via social media. 

This couples with a social marketing strategy. Leverage link sharing in your social strategy with responsive web design. Link sharing will build website visibility, engagement, and conversions. 

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