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Why Is My Website Not Generating Leads?

We’ve all heard that SEO is the way to generate more leads and bump your website’s search rankings, but how? Maybe you are familiar with the term SEO, but you’re realizing optimizing your website for search may sound so easy to do — but it’s actually quite complicated

Lead generation is one of the primary goals of a website in the first place. It is impossible to build a business without generating sales leads. 

While lead generation tools might help you identify prospective clients, your website should still be the origin for generating leads. So, how do you do it? What is it about a good website that draws qualified, motivated leads in the door? Better yet, perhaps the real question is: What am I doing wrong here?

We’ve done our homework, conducted A/B testing, and applied various techniques to acquire more leads for our clients. So, if you’re all ears in learning more about our discoveries, you’ve come to the right place.

What Exactly Are You Doing Wrong?

Your website has been online for some time, but it does not appear to be producing the desired results. Your social media and email marketing campaigns create much buzz, but people don’t seem to be completing the sales funnel. So, what exactly might be the issue?

Copy, design, quality, and user-friendliness are among the factors users consider while assessing a website. If anything doesn’t feel right to the visitor, they will not only not complete your desired action, but they will also most likely not return.

It might be a mix of factors that are preventing your website from producing leads. The following five elements may be accountable and are worth looking into.

Your Site Isn’t Mobile-Friendly. 

Some leads may be interested and considering converting, but they can’t conveniently access your site  on a mobile device. Individuals and businesses increasingly use mobile devices as their primary means to purchase, obtain news, and engage with service providers. As a result, you’ll need to adapt your lead-generating strategy appropriately. 

Begin by making your website mobile responsive to ensure that contact forms and landing pages are compatible with all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Instead of waiting for customers to come home and browse your website on a desktop computer (which they won’t — trust us), a mobile approach allows you to reach out to them and convert them at any time, on any day. Your best leads are the ones that are currently on your site, and disallowing them from completing checkout or form completion because they’re on mobile is a surefire way to lose that lead for good.

Your Site Content Is either Poor or Inadequate. 

You have only a few seconds to convert a website visitor into a customer and much less time to make a positive first impression. Visitors will not feel targeted if the tone or subject of the product page or article does not resonate with them. 

The picture generated by ambiguous information or poor spelling and grammar is far worse. Don’t let poor content frighten away your most valuable customers. Emphasize how your product or service will assist prospective clients in resolving their problems. Mirror your target demographic’s tone and style, and be as casual or as formal as they are.

Proofread and edit your work before publication, or hire a content marketing agency to tailor your content for you. People become more engaged with a brand when its content resonates with them, and they are more inclined to learn more (and convert) as a result.

Your Website Lacks a Compelling Call to Action.

When visitors arrive at your landing page, they read the text. There are no pop-ups or texts for them to take action. So, how is it going to play out? Visitors will leave your website if you don’t give them a reason to stay.

By not providing them a clear idea of what they need to accomplish when they arrive at your site, they’ll go fast. To put it another way, you must have a solid call to action.

If you want to gain more email subscriptions, tell your visitors to “Subscribe Now.” Do you want them to make a purchase? It’s best to command “Add to Cart.” Place the call to action at or close to the top of the page. It can be a vibrantly colored button or a user-interactive form that users can enjoy filling out and submitting. Whatever it could be, it must be aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand and interact with.

Your Site Has Complex Contact Forms and Landing Pages. 

When it comes to user-friendliness, a landing page or contact form shouldn’t make visitors guess where they need to go to take the next step. It won’t produce the leads you desire if the call to action is buried at the bottom of the text or the contact form isn’t functioning. Keep lead generation sites basic and ensure that they work when someone visits them.

An ideal website has a clean and easy-to-navigate web design with essential visuals and fields. Consider presenting the key information before the visitant’s eyes to separate it from the secondary data. If you opt to add a contact form, ask for the information required to complete the process and follow-through. Keep in mind that if the form takes too long to complete, visitors may abandon the task and proceed to another website.

Your Site Has Confusing Navigation. 

A complex layout might divert eyes from the important content on your landing page or form, which is one of the reasons you need a straightforward web design. 

Various eye-tracking tests have revealed that people prefer to skim a web page instead of reading everything. If these areas lack a call to action and other vital factors, you risk losing the reader’s interest, not to mention a potential lead.

The F shape is one of the most successful web design layouts to use. The most important information is placed across the top of the page and along the left side. In the same way, it formats your landing page. It breaks up additional information into sub-headers or bullet points, so it’s easier to read and opt to put your headline at the top with a call to action or form on the right. 

F shape layout conforms to most people’s scanning patterns, making lead-generating features challenging to miss.

What Are the Best Ways to Bolster Lead Generation on Your Website?

More than simply a digital business card, your website functions as a marketing tool. It’s where you’ll find both lead generation and conversions.

Turning a website into a lead generation powerhouse, on the other hand, isn’t rocket science. Following the steps outlined below might work as a catalyst for producing extra website leads. By the way, it’s free!

  1. Your website must be appealing and attractive enough, but not to the point of becoming distracting. Please don’t overdo it. Always return to what your users care about.
  2. Create conversion-oriented landing pages. Reduce the distractions that prevent your prospective customers from taking action.
  3. Place contact forms where they’re needed.
  4. Whether it’s an ebook or anything else you’re offering as an incentive, make sure that it adds value to your prospective customer.
  5. Display any seals, certifications, and other symbols of legitimacy proudly on your site to convey that your brand is trustworthy and up-to-date.
  6. SEO is not the end. Never stop there. Don’t just focus on Search Engine Optimization alone. Make the most of your digital marketing efforts. The more targeted traffic you drive through social media, email automation, and any other tools in your arsenal, the more leads you’ll be able to convert.
  7. It is ideal to use a  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to track all the leads through your website and find out where you can improve your pages to capture more of them.
  8. Keep testing. You won’t be able to improve your website to generate more leads until you have data.

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