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What is Google My Business, and Why is it Important for Local SEO?

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Are you a growing business looking for ways to amp up your SEO? Have you considered Google My Business but weren’t sure what it was all about? Google My Business is a highly-valuable tool that is essential to local businesses to get their name on the map in their community. 

More consumers are relying on the internet and Google location services to find their information than ever before. For this reason, Google My Business has become an essential tool for growing businesses. 

So what is Google My Business, and why is it important for SEO? We’ve got your answers covered. Let’s dive in.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool for businesses to list their company on Google, allowing consumers in your area to find your business a little easier. When a consumer searches for your business, or your type of business, you want to ensure they find all of the information they require to make an informed decision to purchase, visit or contact your company. 

Google My Business allows you to list your business and manage your company’s presence when it comes up in the search engine. This kind of exposure and searchability is invaluable, since 46% of all Google searches are to find something locally, and 97% of search engine users search online to find local businesses. 

The question is: How do you list your business? Google My Business allows you to do the following:

  • Interact with reviewers
  • Give essential information about your company, including your phone number, business hours, and more
  • Provide directions for your location that consumers can acquire easily
  • Include promotions for news and events
  • Include photos of your business and business-related subjects 

Why is Google My Business Important for SEO?

Google My Business aids your business in interacting with your intended audience. It also gives information to potential and current customers. If you don’t provide your business in their listings, you miss out on your business’s exposure, sales, and revenue. 

Some of the top reasons to use Google My Business include the following:

Google My Business is Free 

Google My Business is a free tool for all businesses to use. There’s even a free mobile app that allows you to update your information anytime. 

If you happen to get contacted about payments for Google My Business, it is likely a scam. Your listing doesn’t expire, and Google will not ask you for any payments. 

It’s hard to make an excuse not to take advantage of it when a tool like this is free of cost. It doesn’t matter if you have a brand new business or you are established in multiple locations; it is entirely free and is an invaluable tool for your success. 

Many platforms operate on a freemium business model. However, Google My Business doesn’t have any limitations or tiers, so you get usage of the same tools as your competition.

For this reason, partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency can give significant advantages for competitive companies. A digital marketing partner can aid you in optimizing your profile for search, and maximizing your rankings in search results. Your business can also gain increased exposure from your target audience. 

This tool comes with no investment whatsoever. You can sign up without a waiting period and immediately begin enjoying the benefits. 

Google My Business Creates Leads

People have increasingly searched for topics with the words “near me” in the past few years. Google has adapted their search engine to take into account location data to provide relevant local results for these searches. 

Google displays Google My Business profiles when someone does a local search, providing the user with multiple options, including the ability to call, visit the company’s website, or navigate to their location with a tap.

Local searches have a conversion rate of 80%. If this statistic looks incredibly high to you, that’s because it is. Few other SEO implementations can come close to delivering a conversion rate of the level that local search optimization offers.

To increase your leads and revenue, you need to optimize your profile. Ensure your profile is accurate, including your hours, stay on top of (professionally) responding to your reviews, and ensure your phone number and address are current.

Google My Business Helps You Rank in Search Results

When dealing with a massive search engine like Google, you need to make sure your business isn’t lost in the search results. Increasing your visibility on Google increases your chance of exponentially more people noticing you when searching for services and products in your industry. 

Google seeks to give users the greatest online and offline experience, providing the most relevant search results. To maximize your ranking in search results, keep your profile maintained and optimized. 

Google favors Google My Business profiles with more significant amounts of information and user engagement. If you give Google a complete picture of your business, it will provide your business with motivated leads in your community.

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