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What Customers Want From Your eCommerce Site

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You have a great product and you know it. Getting your product recognized in the vast sea of the internet, getting other people to know it, that’s the true challenge. The online marketplace, an audience of over 2.4 billion people are waiting, so how do you make your site the kind of storefront they trust and want to shop at?

By offering visitors what they want in an online shopping experience, you are able to improve your sales, so it’s worthwhile to invest your time in brainstorming now, and implementing these features with the help of a pro when the time comes.

What Customers Want in Your eCommerce Site

Customers are used to getting what they want online. They not only get this, but they know they can get it quickly. If your eCommerce site can’t offer these features, your visitors will go elsewhere, and they likely won’t return. 

Fast Load Times

Google’s ranking algorithm places a significant emphasis on user experience. If your visitors don’t engage well with your website, you’re less likely to rank well and more likely to lose out on traffic. This reason is why you need to create a site that loads quickly (less than a few seconds).

Think With Google conducted a study in which they discovered that conversion rates improve by 78% when your website loads quickly. The reason for this is that people will take notice of when they’re visiting a slow-loading website. They’ll also tell you that when a website loads quickly, it feels better.

Accurate and Useful Product Images and Information

The only information a customer has when shopping at your eCommerce site is what you give them. It’s crucial to have accurate, high-quality images and descriptions. These enable your customer to understand what the product looks like and how it’ll function, and it lets them picture your products in their best light, imagining how they can fit it into their lives.

Transparency is vital in these things. It’s also essential in helping customers understand how much they’re spending and how they’ll receive their products. Amazon Prime has conditioned people to expect fast, inexpensive delivery. This information is something they expect to see before they make their purchase.

By being transparent with your customers, you’re able to build trust with them. Surprising them with extra fees when they arrive at the checkout will only annoy them and potentially lead to a higher cart abandonment rate. When you provide them with these things, you can expect to see your sales increase.

The Option to Purchase as a Guest

The second highest cause of cart abandonment is mandatory account creation. Customers demand convenience today, and forcing them to create an account before they can complete a transaction goes directly against that. 

This option is especially beneficial for customers who haven’t made a purchase from you before or who are unfamiliar with your brand. By forcing these customers to create an account, you may lose a sale.

Don’t worry about losing valuable marketing information here. You can still obtain this information through quick sign-up fields for newsletters or pop-ups that offer them a discount for entering their email, or by offering them a one-step account creation process after they have completed a purchase that incorporates the info they have already provided and only requires confirming a new password. You can even incentivize them by offering direct purchase tracking or rewards points for signing up.

Caring for Customers After the Sale 

Make sure that once your customer completes their order, they quickly receive a receipt via their email. This receipt should contain their order number, what they purchased, and your business’ contact information. You may also want to include information about your latest content or a few coupons. This is another great opportunity to offer account creation options and incentivize it with convenient order tracking, rewards points, and the like.

It’s a good idea also to have a web-based order management system in place so customers can see their order, status, and tracking number directly from your site. 

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