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Should I Have a Website for My Trucking Business?

As a truck driver, owner-operator, or logistics professional, you know the importance of staying connected. A website offers you an online presence and a platform to showcase your services and industry experience all in one place.

A Google listing only tells customers so much. We know from experience that having a website connected to your business adds a significant amount of credibility to your business and a way for customers to see up-to-date information about what you offer and when. 

A website provides a central location for all of your information, allows customers to learn more about your company and services, and helps you stay up-to-date with other professionals in the industry. Below we’ll offer some more insight into why you should consider a website for your small business.

Your Online Presence is Important

Ask yourself where your customers can find you? If you have no online presence, you must be relying on word-of-mouth alone. According to Google, 76% of people who search for something nearby visit a business within a day, and 28% result in a transaction. With your potential customers mostly being online, you should be where they are to increase your visibility.

How Would My Trucking Business Benefit from a Website?

Creating a professional website for your trucking business offers many benefits, most of all a larger pool of potential customers. Read on to see what ways you can benefit the most.

Credibility and Reputation

Your website instantly gives you credibility, but you need more than that to build your trucking and logistics industry reputation. Showcase your successful contracts and partners on your webpage to build your reputation locally. Indicating the types of cargo you’re skilled at transporting is also helpful for generating new referrals.


Building a professional website instantly gives you an online presence. Utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques increases your visibility in search engines. This means that when potential clients search for keywords related to your business, it is more likely to show up within the top search results. The better optimized your website content is, the higher your search engine ranking is for your business. This is not a one-and-done process, and you will benefit from having a web design agency that offers expert SEO services build your website to ensure you are getting the most out of your pages.

More Sales

A stunning website, good credibility, and visibility help increase sales, and simply having a website increases your chances of conversions. However, if you want to bolster sales and develop long-term clients, you must have an engaging website design that offers everything the client is looking for — your services, testimonials, reviews, and easy ways to contact you all need to be focuses of your site to ensure that the process of learning about you and getting in touch with you is convenient. The fewer barriers to getting an email or phone call from your potential clients the better.

Better Drivers and Employees

Believe it or not, your website tells visitors your story. Create a website that you’re proud of, shows who you are, and shares your key values. Job seekers will see this and have a good first impression when you advertise employment. Be transparent and reap the benefits of employees who are proud of where they work. 

How Do I Create a Professional Website for My Trucking Business?

Before building your website, you need to create a domain name. You want your business name and domain name to be similar so customers and job applicants can find you easily. Choosing a domain is the simple part; next comes the actual website. 

Building your website is not impossible on your own, but you might want to consider hiring a web design agency to create your website if you value your continued success. Professional web designers have extensive knowledge and the experience needed to create a cohesive and responsive website design that functions on both modern computers and mobile devices. Website design agencies also know the best ways to employ SEO to rank your website higher on search engines.

KangoMedia Builds Professional Websites That Get Results

Now that you’ve learned how a website can bring you leads and potential customers, it’s time to get started. Getting a new website that will generate more leads and land more contracts for your business should be hassle-free.

Our clear process will guide you through without any surprises and get your business on track to generating new leads and drawing in new clients without the hassle. 

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