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How Your Website Builds Trust in Your Brand

Having a website is a necessary building block to a solid brand in whatever industry you’re in. It introduces potential customers to you, describes how you can help them, and mostly, it helps build trust to stand out against your competitors by differentiating your voice and ethos from the crowd.

Creating a small business website that serves all your needs can be difficult on your own, especially when it comes to finding trust with potential clients. A professional website design company can assist with this, in addition to helping discover creative ways to build that trust in your brand that you may not have considered.

There are several ways trust can be built without manipulation or other less honest means. Each method will help new clients search for you and make your company one that people will seek out and brand you as the expert in your field.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important ways in which your website can build trust in your brand.

1. Build quality content and social presence

In today’s market, it’s not enough to simply create a website and hope it works. You must create content that speaks to your audience, while building knowledge. For search engines like Google, creating regular content is crucially important to making your website easily searchable and accessible.

An SEO agency can assist with adding the right type of content to get your website noticed for the right keywords, putting it right where clients can easily find it (at the top of the rankings).

In addition, creating interesting social media pages is important to adding a layer of trust. It’s not necessary to be on every site, but being able to speak to your core audience in a way that makes you a trusted leader is needed. Find out where your clients are, and meet them where they are.

2. Tell a good story

Another angle to building trust is transparency. Sharing the story of how you or your company got to where it is builds trust by being honest and real. Allowing this level of vulnerability is actually a strength that shows to your current and potential clients you have been where they may be now.

Trust is formed by sharing your journey and letting your audience know that they can be where you are. It’s inspirational and motivational; if you can do it, you can help get them there.

Crafting quality stories also makes for original content that is highly sought after by search engines. This is information that not only builds trust, but allows you to stand out from your competitors, who may not have this type of story to tell. A good website design agency that specializes in making your site marketable can help carve out the best story for you and your company if you are unable to find the words yourself.

3. Share your honors

If you have won an award or other honor for your work, show that on your website. If you’ve worked with a company your potential clients have heard of, add their logo to your site. Awards and a stand out list of clients builds trust.

New customers who see that front and center will know you can deliver high quality work that will help them grow. This is a level of trust that could tip the scale to them choosing your company over someone else.

Creating case studies are another way to reflect this level of trust. Writing out exactly where your important client started, how your company changed them, and the remarkable result they received builds a trust where new clients know what they will get. They will trust that you can give them what they want, before they ever speak to you.

4. Show them who you are

Trust is also built by introducing potential customers to your team before they ever meet you in person. Crafting a good “about us” page, with pictures and information about your team, lets new clients know exactly who they will be speaking to, even if the client is based thousands of miles away. Also, a company who may be interested in your services, but is unsure, will take a look at this page.

By actually seeing their faces, this also can create trust because when that person is on the phone or emailing them, they can put a face to a name. Trust builds by understanding a little more about who this person is, simply with a photo and bio about each team member.

5. Make it easy to get in touch

Once a potential client has seen your well built website, they will likely want to get in touch with you to learn more. Creating contact information that’s easy to complete and send builds trust before you even work with them.

A good web design company will have the ability to add this information in where a potential customer can be on any page and can complete a form for you to reach them. Making it as easy as possible to gain new clients through your website contact form is a simple way to start the sales process.

Trust is built through your website by making it searchable, providing great information, and allowing your potential customers to ask questions and contact you directly.

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