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How Can a Website Bring Me New Leads and Potential Customers?

It’s 2021. Having a website for your business is a non-negotiable.

Even if you don’t want or need a worldwide market, your business still needs to be searchable, safe, and representative of your business in a positive way.

If you don’t have a website, we can’t stress this enough – you need one.

If you already have a website, but it just isn’t bringing in leads and potential customers like you need it to, it’s time to rethink your digital strategy and is the perfect time to opt for a website redesign.

Sadly, having a website is not enough. You can launch the most fancy-looking website in your niche, and it won’t get visitors, generate leads, or gain sales if you don’t have the right type of website traffic visiting your website.

To generate leads from your website, you want to start thinking of your site as the frontline for your business – an online office or internet storefront. Your target audience will not know you exist until you market your website to lead your potential customers right where you want them.

By Using Landing Pages

Lead generation with websites rely on effective landing pages to land those leads. Landing pages are built to inform, but their goal is to capture. After landing on your website and visitors have read your content, the next step is to get them to convert.

You want your visitors to absorb the content they just read and feel like they’re going to be better off if they buy your product or use your service. Your goal is to have them make that decision right then and there.

A landing page that converts is one that is full of conversion-focused elements and optimized for the best user experience. Here are a few tips to help increase lead conversion:

  1. Get rid of clutter.
  2. Get rid of anything that does not help turn website visitors into potential customers.
  3. Make sure visitors know where to click.
  4. Make it clear what happens after your visitors’ click.
  5. Minimize clicks. You should not make a visitor click any more than 3 times to get them where they need to be.

By Using Contact Forms

Contact forms can be a fantastic tool, but if misused, they’ll scare your website visitors away. Your landing page was convincing. Now your lead is giving you their contact information in exchange for the value you’re promising to provide them with – keep it simple, and don’t ask them for much.

It is okay to ask for more than just an email address. Just make it easy, clearly labeled, and with big fields.

Ideally, you should have a contact form on every page of your website. It can seem like overkill with some website designs, so if you want to measure your website’s lead generation success, stick to putting your contact form on those pages with the highest amount of traffic. This can be a pillar page or high performing blog post.

By Providing Immediate Value

Once your potential customers have filled out a contact form, they’re officially classified as a business lead. It’s critical that you deliver on your offers – immediately.

It’s time to guide your leads further down the sales funnel. Send them the eBook you promised, or the White Pages report you offered. Maybe your offer was to schedule a consultation or appointment. Whatever it was, get it done quickly.

One way to do this is to have an automated email dispatched once their sign-up is complete. This way, once they close off your website, their offer will already be waiting for them in an email.

By Displaying Trust

Nothing quite communicates your business’s worth to a website visitor than social proof. Anyone in the market for your services or products would like to know how those products and services deliver before the sale. Having trust not only makes your business look good to Google, but it also gives potential clients the assurance you’re a credible business.

Share your testimonials and reviews and share them proudly. Depending on your website’s framework, there are various ways to import reviews and testimonials to your website. You can have clients post them directly, feed them in from social media, or use a third-party service.

By Having a Well-Designed Website

When visitors land on your website, you want to give them the wow factor no matter how they got there. If your website is designed poorly, potential leads won’t stick around long enough to be converted.

You don’t want them to leave. Every visitor that lands on your site has the potential to be a sale, and they should be treated as such. A well-designed website should include:

  • Easy Navigation – don’t make your visitors guess where links and buttons are.
  • Use Images – pages with blocks and blocks of content don’t convert. Use relevant images to break it up.
  • Clear Purpose – pages should serve a purpose in alignment with your business goals.
  • Be Responsive – every website needs the ability to be seen at optimal viewing on any screen.

Now that you’ve learned how a website can bring you leads and potential customers, it’s time to get started. Getting a new website that will start generating more leads and customers for your business should be hassle-free. Contact KangoMedia today for a free phone or online consultation.

Your consultation session serves to identify your needs, understand your goals, and determine if we are a good fit for each other. Our clear process will guide you through without any surprises and get your business on track to generating new leads and drawing in new customers without the hassle. Give us a ring today and let’s talk about your business.

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