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Essential Components Your Restaurant Website Should Have

Essential Components Your Restaurant Website Should Have

Restaurant websites can be excellent tools that help drive traffic to your business. However, you can’t just throw up any old website and expect to see positive returns. 

A great website should have certain essential components for it to drive traffic to your business effectively. If you leave something out, or if your site isn’t fully functional, it can leave a bad taste in your visitors’ mouths.

We’ve seen some great restaurant websites, and we’ve seen some that truly needed some work. We know what ingredients should go into your restaurant website, and we’re happy to give you a taste. Here are some of the essential components your restaurant website should have.

Component #1: A Mouthwatering Menu with Photos

People primarily visit your restaurant’s website to find out about the food, so you’d better make it look appetizing. An easy-to-read, easy-to-access menu that includes mouthwatering photographs of some of your most popular dishes is a must-have for your website.

You don’t have to list prices (though you may want to), but you should make sure that your menu is straightforward and formatted nicely. Simple fonts not only make your website’s menu easier to read, but it looks more professional, too.

Component #2: Reviews

Social proof is crucial for restaurants, and what better way to show people how great you are than to share positive reviews on your website? Authentic customer reviews are more important than you may realize. 

Restaurants rely on reviews to drive traffic, so positive reviews are the most essential components you can include in your website design. If you don’t have any reviews yet, or if your reviews are low, it’s worth building them up as soon as possible before putting them on your website.

You may want to ask regular customers to provide reviews or consider using a review management service to help boost your number of positive reviews. Not only will it help make your restaurant website more effective, but it will help potential customers see how great your business is.

Component #3: Local SEO Details

Visitors to your restaurant will search for specific keywords that are local to your area. Including this type of location-specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) information will help search engines rank you higher in customer search results. 

SEO is vital for any website, but geographically specific SEO information is essential for businesses like restaurants competing for a limited customer base within a particular location. Ensure your web design includes this local SEO data so that your restaurant shows up first when people search for places to eat in your area.

Additionally, consider including a map of your actual location or a link to a map app to help customers find your business. Anything that makes it easier for customers to find you will be good for your restaurant, so let them know exactly where they can find you.

Component #4: Contact Information and Hours

Customers need to know how to reach you with questions about your restaurant. They also need to know when you’re open for business. You must have accurate and easy-to-find contact information so your customers can reach you.

If your restaurant takes reservations, consider adding this function to the website. Not only will this free up your staff from having to answer calls about reservations, but it will make it easier for customers to commit to visiting you. 

Component #5: Promotions, Sales, and Loyalty Plans

A dynamic restaurant website that constantly updates its sales and promotions information is more attractive than one that only displays the same boring content. If you’re having a promotion, let customers know. 

Offer loyal customers special discounts or free meals after they spend a certain amount of money. Highlight these loyalty plans so that customers can see exactly how they’ll benefit from eating at your restaurant regularly. Rewarding loyalty drives repeat business and can also drive up referrals from happy customers.

Component #6: Mobile Optimization

Busy people often have to search for your business on the go. If your site doesn’t look and function great on their phones or tablets, you could lose business. Mobile optimization is an expected part of any website these days. 

Customers won’t tolerate a website that doesn’t show them everything they want to know, so make sure that yours looks great and works as it’s supposed to on mobile devices. Make sure contact forms are easy to use on phones and make menus easy to scroll through. Convenience is critical with mobile optimization, so make sure your site is easy and enjoyable to use.

Let Us Make Your Restaurant Website More Mouthwatering

When customers visit your restaurant’s website, you want them to be hungry for more. We can help design a website for your restaurant that will have visitors’ mouths watering. 

Whether you need more raving reviews or an elegant, tasteful design for your menus, KangoMedia can help. From website design to local SEO optimization, we can help make your restaurant website look amazing. Request a consultation today to see how we can help your restaurant’s website boost your business.

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