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Why is it Crucial to Have an ADA Compliant Website?

ADA Compliant Website

One of the most significant aspects of starting a successful business is developing a website for your brand. Your website will serve as your brand’s identity, a platform for telling your story, and a way of connecting with potential customers. Over the last years, the capacity to develop websites has massively improved. You can now build a website within a few simple steps using various website builders today.

While you will most likely build a visually appealing and functional website, there is one critical feature you must address: web accessibility standards. Employing web accessibility standards is crucial for any type of organization as it offers a variety of benefits. But why is it vital to make your website compliant and easily accessible?

We have compiled a list of the top reasons to have a business website that is always accessible and easy to navigate.

Why Is It Necessary for Your Company’s Website to Be ADA Compliant?

Individuals who are currently living with a disability should be granted the same privileges and rights as those who are not disabled. Incorporating ADA compliance measures on your business website displays your company’s commitment to equality and a non-discriminatory user experience for all visitors. Forming your website into something that people can easily navigate with and without disabilities makes you a valuable part of the solution while also raising the quality characteristics of your website in the eyes of customers and search engines.

The Benefits of Being Web Accessible

The most evident advantage of web accessibility is that it makes it easier for people with disabilities to browse and explore your site’s services, products, and content. However, the benefits of web accessibility are not only limited to their direct influence on individuals with disabilities. It also helps your business in a variety of additional ways:

#1. Broaden Your Customer Base

You probably already have a clear grasp of who your ideal clients are. However, you most likely did not consider the probability that your intended audience may contain a significant number of customers with accessibility needs. According to the CDC, 61 million adults in the United States have some type of disability, accounting for roughly one-quarter of all Americans. This overwhelming number alone is enough reason for building your website ADA-compliant. You can efficiently expand your website’s customer base by ensuring that your content complies with ADA requirements.

#2. Build Your Reputation

In this day and age, disabilities and their effects are no longer solely medical concerns. Several organizations work throughout the world to prevent discrimination and protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. When you put in the time and effort to establish an ADA-compliant website, you are making a statement about the depth of your business’s social engagement, which ultimately leads to substantial financial results.

#3. Boosts Your SEO Rankings

Developing an accessible website does far more than simply making your site operative — it also increases the probability of your site being discovered by boosting search engine optimization or SEO. Although search engines will not evaluate whether a website complies with the Americans Disability Act, Google and its counterparts care about the number of hits each URL generates. Because an ADA-compliant website fetches higher visitors, it will significantly improve your ranking. Having longer sessions and more page views means demonstrating the significance of your space, propelling it to the top of Google search results.

#4. Enhance Usability Experience for All Customers

Providing a positive user experience is critical to any company’s success. 

As a business owner, you want your visitors to have a wonderful time exploring your website’s content. If your site does not deliver a positive experience, leads will not stay on your page. Therefore, having your website ADA compliant will help your visitors feel more at ease while at the same time adding value to your business.

#5. Avoid Potential Legal Issues

The Department of Justice has made it mandatory for websites to follow the regulations of the American Disability Act. Businesses that happen to have a website must ensure that it is accessible to all users. Since the ruling date has passed in 1990, all updated pages on your site must be at least grade A compliant, with grade AAA being the highest. Creating your website ADA compliant is the most effective approach to avoid litigation that has already impacted large organizations.

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Now that you reach this point, it should be evident that ADA compliance is more than just an option for your website—but a requirement to guarantee that people of all backgrounds are supported and not discriminated against because of their conditions. If you believe your website does not meet the ADA principles, you should address it as quickly as possible.

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