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3 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

Why Your Local Business Needs Digital Marketing

Why Your Local Business Needs Digital Marketing

Why use digital marketing for your business?

Want a simple answer?

Because…It’s better than traditional marketing in every way!

Digital marketing costs less…

It reaches farther…

…and gives you more control than any other marketing strategy.

And if you’re choosing not to use digital marketing for your local business, then you’re choosing to hide your business from your target audience and letting your competition scoop up local leads online.

That’s like shooting your business in the foot!

In this article, I’ll explain the role of digital marketing and why digital marketing is essential for growing your business. Read on to learn more.

Digital Marketing Is the New Standard

Right now, there are roughly 4.2 billion internet users in the world. That’s over half the world’s population!

Since 2000, internet usage has gone up 1,052 percent.

Because of this change, a business can no longer rely on offline advertising campaigns to survive. If you don’t use digital marketing, your online competitors will steal your potential customers and run you out of business.

And don’t think online marketing only benefits online-only stores. Online marketing is just as important for small, local businesses.

Local Business Marketing

According to Google, four out of five consumers search online for nearby businesses. And those searches lead to purchases. 18 percent of those who search for local businesses on their smartphone make a purchase the same day.

It’s Cheaper Than Other Marketing Strategies

In fact, a lot of it is free.

Getting your business listed in online business directories, for example, is one of the most important parts of online marketing. Plus, it costs you nothing.

If you own a website, there is no additional cost to market on your blog or post ads and coupons on your site.

Similarly, another free option is YouTube marketing.

Just like adding marketing content to your website, you can promote your business with video content on YouTube. An effective and very popular way to do this is with product reviews or how-to videos. These cost you nothing but a little bit of time.

It’s also free to invite customers to hop onto your email list. And there are many free apps available to help you manage your email marketing and text marketing programs.

Even advertising can be basically free. When you advertise with Google Adwords, you don’t pay anything unless users engage with your ads.

It Gives You More Control

Digital Marketing AnalyticsWith online marketing software, you have full knowledge of every detail of your online marketing campaign.

Using analytics, you can track coupon codes, customer purchase behavior, and the effectiveness of different online marketing strategies. You can see which strategies work and which don’t.

Best of all, you can market specific emails and texts to specific customer demographics. You can present unique offers to the most relevant customers based on how often they purchase, what they purchase, and whether they prefer to shop in-store or online.

No other type of marketing strategy gives you that amount of control.

Why Digital Marketing Is a Must

Now that you’ve seen why digital marketing is important, get the ball rolling.

The benefits are immediate.

You’ll experience higher conversion rates, more traffic, and increased sales.

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