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Why Your Business Needs a Custom Website in 2021

You’re more driven than ever when it comes to your business. You have a solid client base and the reviews to back it up — but you want more. You want to see exponential growth in 2021.

Consumer behavior has changed and people are relying more and more on what they can find online. Sure, you can look something up in the Yellow Pages – but you’ll be the only one. The search engine and its almighty algorithm determines what we find when we go looking for products and services, so how do you put your website at the top of the listings?

And what comes up when someone searches your business?

The importance of having a website in the digital age is no longer up for debate, as more than 93% of people searched for a local business online in 2020. To be found online, you need to have a business website, and it needs to be fast, attractive, and easy to use.

From tech startups to plumbing and electrical trades, industries across the board are opting for accessibility and marketing opportunities with custom websites in 2021. Here are a few things that you need to consider when it comes to your site.

Websites are Visitor-Oriented

When you’re thinking about creating a website, always think of it as outward facing. Your site should be about your business, and your business is about one thing above all else — the customer.

A client-facing website will not only provide more visibility to your business, but it will also allow for customers to find you with ease. Customers expect a business to have a website so that they can learn more about your brand, the services you offer, values you hold, and more.

Customers also expect a website to be easy to use. If they reach your website after an online search and can’t find what they need in short order, they will go elsewhere.

A custom website with a great design will draw in clients from an online search and keep them interested as they make their way through your site..

Websites Establish Trust

Did you leave a lasting impression on a client you recently did work for?

Reviews and referrals provide a great outlet for businesses to gain traction, and where better to put them than a custom website.

Having a business website will not only let you showcase your client reviews, but it will also give you a platform to prove yourself. Why was this customer’s experience so great?

Show them. Impress them with social proof. Create a portfolio of work or past clients on your website and ask them to leave a review for others to see. Give visitors the credibility factor they’re looking for when they search for you online.

Websites Provide a Contact Method

Say a potential customer is searching online and finds your business. Is there a way for them to get in touch with you just from their online search?

You have the credentials and the social proof to back up the work that you do, but unless you provide a contact method, potential customers won’t have much of a way of giving you business.

Having a custom website with an easily accessible contact form (or available phone, email, or other method of communication) is important to your clients. The easier it is for them to reach you, the more likely it is that you will get their business. Put as few steps as possible between the customer and a conversation with you.

Websites Help You Compete

Take a look online at your industry. Do a Google search of your own, and see what the search engine results are.

Notice which businesses are ranked higher? It’s the businesses with modern, quality websites.

One of the ways to challenge your competitors is to gain that same edge. When you have a custom business website, it gives you visibility among the competition. Use the right SEO keywords, create engaging, relevant content directed at your audience, and optimize your pages for fast load times, and you’ll rank even higher against your industry competition.

Websites are Open and Accessible

Having a website means that the availability of your business won’t necessarily be confined to the 9-5 business day.

When your customers (old and new) have busy lives, they need something easy to access at any given time.

Customers will check for a product or service online before running out to find it. This saves them time (and money), and they can access your website at their convenience.

With a website, this means your business is open 24/7, but it runs itself. You’re free to make money in your sleep, and your customers can find you online day or night.

Websites are a Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Think about when you started your first business. You likely had to invest in marketing materials to get the word out.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a cost-efficient solution aside from spending thousands on printed marketing materials and shipping?

Having a business website will give you a platform for multiple advertisements and marketing strategies rather than spending time and money on a single piece of advertising every so often.

The return of investment in a website (versus printed marketing material) will help you to build more profit in the long run against traditional advertising/marketing methods.

This isn’t to say that printed marketing materials don’t benefit your brand. Far from it, in fact. You can use print marketing collateral to bolster your online presence and provide engaging ways for your audience to engage with you, receive unique and exclusive discounts, easily sign up for loyalty programs, or get a sneak peak at an upcoming reveal.

It’s Time to Make Your Website Work for You

Many businesses are wasting money on marketing and advertising, sending traffic to websites that don’t convert.

At KangoMedia, We design websites and digital marketing campaigns that convert website visitors into leads and paying customers so that you get a positive return on investment.

Clients that work with us often see dramatic results in the form of an increase in website leads, requests for quotes, service calls, and sales. Businesses choose to work with KangoMedia because of our focus on growing their business. We are more than a service provider, we are your partner in growth.

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