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Tips for Building a Great Trade Website

Having a website these days is essential, but having the right type of website for your trade is even more critical. A well thought out website is your online 24/7 business card and best-selling salesman.

Your website visitors will research you, your business, and your competitors before deciding who to contact first. You want it to be you, so making sure your website is top-notch is extremely important.

You’ve got roughly 6 seconds to capture your visitors’ attention. Once that time has lapsed, if they haven’t clicked around your website to stay, they’re heading back to Google for the next website on the list.

To build an excellent trade website, you’ve got to answer a few questions within those first six seconds to keep your visitors from leaving.

What is the Site’s Purpose?

A visitor to your website should be able to understand what your site is about within their first few seconds on your page. You can do this by making sure your logo and slogan are clean – front and center.

Is it attention-grabbing?

The human attention span is on a decline, so your company must capture your visitors’ interest within the first few seconds of landing. You can do this with a trade website designed for your market.

Keep it clean. Adding all these fancy features will only distract visitors from learning what you do and how they can work with you.

Is it something I want to be part of?

We live in the age of social media, where sharing content online has become routine. Ask yourself, would a visitor want to recommend your site, would they be willing to tell their friends about you? Is your trade website so awesome they would like to let everyone know they found it?

Now that you’ve asked yourself these questions, you’re probably wondering how to go about building an excellent trade website so that visitors stay on your site and share your website with all their social media followers.

4 Tips to Build a Great Trade Website

1. Headlines

Headlines are extremely important when it comes to your trade website. Stay away from “Welcome to our website” as it is the kiss of website death. It’s generic. It’s boring. Your headline should focus on your visitors’ needs, not yours.

You want your headline to grab their attention and leave them wanting more – so they stick around. You do this by addressing their need, which in turn has them looking around your website and taking action.

It’s acceptable to have your headline contain the word “You,” after all, it is your website visitor you’re speaking to. You want your headline to stand out, grab attention, and be a statement about the information that will follow.

2. Content

If you’ve been around the Internet for any length of time, you’ve likely heard the saying, “Content is king” – because it is. Without content to attract Google, your website is sure to get lost in the crowd. But, you also want exciting and relevant content for your visitors.

The content on your trade website is the most crucial part of your site. Your content must be compelling. Content cannot be a dry and dull monologue about your company. Your content should address the needs your website visitors have.

For your website to be found online, your content needs to be optimized and relevant to what people are searching for. You’ll do this by identifying relevant keywords that will drive people to your website and writing your content using those keywords.

It should be noted – do not keyword stuff. Doing so causes your content to sound unnatural and spammy.

3. Call to Action

Your website needs a clear call to action (CTA.) Without it, your trade website is missing out on potential leads. Decide what you want your visitors’ to do and make it as easy as possible for them to do it.

If you want your visitors to call you to set up an appointment – make your number big and repeat it through your website. On the mobile responsive version of your website, make the number smartphone clickable, so when users who visit your site on mobile devices click the number, they have the option to call you right away.

If you’re looking to collect your visitor’s contact information, offer a coupon or a free download when they give you their email address.

4. Function 

It should go without saying but – make sure your website functions!

Your website should be attention-grabbing, but if people can’t get where they need to be quickly due to broken links or non-functioning CTA boxes, they’ll leave and go elsewhere.

Website load times matter. Make sure your website loads in a matter of seconds. If your website is slow loading, visitors are not afraid to click off of it and check out another trade website.

Now that you’ve got some ideas of what to ask and some time for building an excellent trade website, if you’re ready to get some help, we’re prepared to be that person for the job.

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