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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2021

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2021

You’ve built a new website, and now the wait for clients to visit your site begins. However, you check the analytics every month and notice that your site doesn’t seem to get as many visitors as you would hope. 

The good news is that getting more traffic to your site is not in the realm of impossibility. With a solid plan, a watchful eye, and a willingness to stay on a regular content schedule, you can bring more visitors to your website who will continue to visit and engage with your business. 

Today, we’ll take a look at the importance of strong visitor numbers, as well as some of the best ways to drive traffic to your website in 2021 and beyond.

Why Does Your Website Need More Visitors?

Attracting more visitors to your website isn’t just about padding your ego. More visitors means more business opportunities and a clearer idea of what your customers want and need from your business. 

Each visit to your site is an opportunity to increase brand recognition, generate qualified leads, and build trust with your existing and future customers. 

While sales are essential for your business, customer trust and brand recognition are also crucial elements in building your brand. Strong relationships are the foundations of marketing your products or services, gaining new customers, and continuing to expand your product or service line. 

The Benefits of More Website Visitors


Statistically, an increase in website visitors brings a greater chance of conversions. Granted, you don’t just want to bring in anyone to your site — you want to attract the right traffic

By marketing to those who may already be interested in a product or service like yours by way of understanding how to target their other related interests, you bolster your online marketing efforts and stand a much greater chance of turning motivated leads into conversions. Those who are already searching for information related to your niche are more likely to engage with your site by signing up for newsletters, attending virtual events, reading your blogs, and purchasing from you.

Repeat Visitors

With more conversions and more qualified leads, you can also increase repeat visitors. Those who regularly visit your website are more likely to continue engaging with your brand and purchasing your product or service. 

These regulars also give you valuable information to gain new visitors as well. By paying attention to how regular visitors engage with your website, you gain a firm idea of what type of customer you draw, what kind of customers you want, and what they are most interested in. Tailor your site to your target audience and continue to engage with them to draw them back.

Essential Ways to Drive Website Traffic

While there are plenty of ways to increase visitors ranging from quite simple to rather complex, there are plenty of techniques you can start working on today. Here are some techniques designed to bring more traffic from specifically targeted audiences.

#1. Optimize Your Website’s Keywords

Optimizing your website’s keywords means ensuring that keywords and phrases are included on your web pages, peppered in where they make sense and are relevant to the subject matter. These keywords should have a search volume of under 10,000 per month and should also be directly related to your business’s or organization’s niche. A great way to place these relevant keywords is on your product/services pages or blog.

#2. Keep Your Website Updated

Old and outdated content should be replaced on your website, either updated with the new, more relevant information or removed entirely. Old content that no longer applies to your website can harm your reach. 

#3. Keep Your Website Fresh

You should always be adding new content to your website. Whether this is updated product information, recent customer reviews, or a new blog post, new content is always welcome on your website. 

#4. Make Your Content Exclusive

Exclusivity is a powerful way to draw in new visitors. Whether this is a blog, live video series, or podcast, creating exclusive content on your website can help draw in returning and new visitors alike.

#5. Make Sure Social Media Links Back To Your Website

If you have a social media profile and your posts include links to a product or piece of content, always make sure it includes a link to your website. You always want to make sure it links to your website regardless of which social media channel you use.

#6 Utilize Email Marketing

Sending marketing emails is another effective way to gain new visitors. By gathering a visitor’s email, you can send emails with the latest information on products, services, and content updates directly to clients with the worry of lessened social media reach or competitor’s advertisements and posts showing up on their timeline. 

It’s Not Just About Visitors — It’s About the Right Visitors

No matter the size of your business or what niche you occupy, the importance of not just increased traffic but attracting the right audience to your website is more important than ever before.

Traditional advertising methods are great and within the comfort zone of many, but to build out your business today, you need to adapt to the digital age and target the right audience. 

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