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Creating a Good Logo for Your Business

What makes a good logo? We have to fight the tendency to do what we think is right, or looks good to us. We must look up to the big players around us. Their logos can be simple and memorable, illustrative and descriptive, some are just a simple font, and others are truly captivating since they have no letters, I’m sure you thought of a few already.

So again, how do you choose what is best for you? Think of the following:

  • What are you selling, a service or a product?
  • Who is your target market? Are they professional, tech-savvy, white-collar, blue-collar, how old are they?
  • Who are the leaders in your industry? What do their logos look like?
  • What colors are you using? Will your logo still look good on a black and white letterhead?

Once you have established all of your requirements you will have a good starting point to hand to your designer. Be sure to let them do their job, they are the professionals. You are there to give the project direction, but avoid taking over the steering wheel.

Effective logos are distinctive, practical, and simple, communicate well to your customers and allow them to understand your business and ultimately drive business your way.

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