McAllen Web Design Services

Here at KangoMedia, we love our city and know her well. And by intertwining our deep understanding of the culture of the Rio Grande Valley area with our expertise and passion for striking and functional web design, we understand what it takes to build you the image you need.


A website is much more than an online brochure or flyer. It is a branding tool that allows your prospective clients to interact with your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your website is an automated salesperson that never takes a day off.

The type of information you can share on your website and the way you can present it are virtually limitless. Your website can capitalize on the latest technological trends, such as: information gathering forms, landing pages, custom images, infographics, online video, social media, and much more.

We walk you through the entire process, providing professional consultation and advice, and establishing an online presence that will not only provide credibility, but also a medium for you to communicate and interact with your target market.

As the top web design McAllen TX company, we pride ourselves in creating beautiful, aesthetically pleasing websites. It does your business no good to have pages and pages of content on a website that looks like crap. No one likes looking at an ugly website.

Feel free to browse our portfolio for a glimpse of our design services. All of our website designs are completely custom, however, we do offer template customization services.


An important part of doing business online is to attract traffic, or visitors, to your website from all major search engines and other popular websites. Since there may be hundreds of websites competing for the same kind of exposure, your internet marketing strategy will be a key factor in determining how much traffic your website will actually get.

The more traffic you get…the more sales you can make.

We will examine your on-page optimization, link development strategy, and study your competition so that we can create a customized search engine optimization and internet marketing package based on your specific needs and budget and attract visitors like a magnet.

Our SEO and internet marketing services are designed to take you from start to finish. We’ll work with you to create a strategy that makes sense and make sales.


Social networking boils down to creating and building relationships with your customer base and prospective clients. And being accessible is the name of the game.

People do business with companies online that they know, like, and trust. Using social networking communities to let others get to know you can have a drastic effect on your credibility and trustworthiness.

We will make you look like a superstar and make you stand above your competition with our customized social media solutions.