Trucking Company Website

It’s a competitive world out there on the road….

Hundreds, if not thousands, of trucking companies vying for the same loads, hauls, and clients. What separates your company from the rest?

Add a current driver shortage into the mix and you’ve got a killer recipe of obstacles to running a successful trucking operation.

So, what can you do about it?

One major way that you can tackle, or address, all of these issues successfully is with a professionally developed trucking company website.

How can a website help your business?

Set Your Trucking Company Apart From Your Competition

Perception is reality.

If a prospective client researches your company name on the internet, what will be their perception of you?

No Website = Little Credibility

Professional Website = Instant Credibility

What type of image for your company are you projecting on the internet? This will have a big impact on how clients will perceive you, how they will feel about you, and whether or not they choose to hire you.

It’s true….

…Clients will make assumptions about your business based on looks and presentation.

Having a website that provides accurate information about your business, your experience and services can establish instant credibility and elevate your business above your competitors that have little to no internet presence.

Let your website introduce your prospective clients to your management team, drivers, and fleet of trucks.

This breeds familiarity and trust with your trucking company. And…people do business with those they know, like, and trust.

A Professional Trucking Website Helps Recruit More Truck Drivers

Recruit More DriversIt is estimated that there is a current need for 900,000 new truck drivers to meet rising demand.

But, how do you get drivers looking for a company to choose you over your competition?

Adding a “Join Our Team” page to your website along with a simple online form to gather visitor data can increase the number of applicants looking to work for your company.

A website that looks dated and unprofessional might discourage a potential applicant from working for your trucking company in the same way that it might discourage potential clients.

Some methods you can use to recruit more drivers include:

  • Adding testimonials from your current drivers that help explain the benefits of driving for your company.
  • Add videos of relevant content since most people today prefer to watch a video over reading.
  • List pay and driver benefits such as medical insurance, life insurance, etc.

While most of your competition is trying to figure out how to get more drivers, your website will be recruiting them seemingly on autopilot.

Hit the Road with Confidence

A professionally designed trucking company website that is able to address the two biggest challenges in running a successful trucking company today can help build your business with confidence.

Schedule your free consultation today and we’ll show you how we helped a trucking company go from 0 to 15-20 driver applications a month.

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