Every single Rio Grande Valley business that opens is headed for some trouble if they don’t have a marketing campaign. In order to make 2010 your year, you must focus on what your customers want. But wait! How do you get those customers in first place?

One of the biggest questions you must answer before you begin your marketing campaign is: Who is my target market? Consider the following:

  • Are they male or female?
  • What is their profession, entrepreneur, worker, manager, or a stay-at-home parent?
  • What is their income bracket?
  • What is their level of education?
  • Will my customers be repeat or one time?
  • Does my customer surf the web or read newspapers?

Once you have a good picture of who your potential customers are your real work starts. A website is a great marketing tool since you get more bang for your buck. Along with the help of an experienced web designer your campaign will be successful.

Remember the following before you go public with your Internet marketing campaign:

  • Keep your campaign consistent with your company. Keep the same colors and logo. Remember, the big dogs in your industry never use different colors or fonts for their logo, it’s who they are and how we recognize them.
  • When using banner ads be clear and to the point by using seven words or less. Lets face it, people don’t like to read anymore so let your potential customers know what your product or service is.
  • Make friends. There are many social marketing sites that make this very easy such as Twitter and Facebook. Always remember, you are trying to make friends first, not sell them first. Think about how you would act in a social mixer, then apply those same rules to the internet.
  • Try pay-per-click advertising. Google Adwords has mastered the art, so check out which keywords your want to appear on, set your budget, and start seeing results.
  • Stay fresh constantly. By keeping your website updated and with fresh content, the search engines will see you as an authority with useful information for their customers. The result? You will rank better and increase your traffic.

In today’s market you have to evolve and adapt or get left behind. The Internet and a well thought-out marketing campaign will help you.  Remember who your target market is, understand what they want, and take action by catering to that need. This will make 2010 your year.

About the Author

Freddy Rodriguez

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Freddy is the founder and lead developer at KangoMedia. With over 15 years in web design & digital marketing, he has helped dozens of small businesses in multiple industries establish a professional online presence and generate thousands of leads for his clients.