Evernote ReviewA few months ago I never would have thought that I would be writing an Evernote review.

I mean…I had heard about it, read about it, even viewed videos about it. And every person that would talk about it had good things to say.

So, of course, I signed up for my own free account. But, that was it. I didn’t use it.

Heck…I didn’t even really know how to use it. I mean, why would I need to store notes online? I loved using the little sticky notes on my MacBook, I had tons of them on my desktop. I used Google Docs to keep lists and I would bookmark websites on my Chrome Browser. Certainly I didn’t need Evernote!

But, then one day I decided to log in to Evernote once again to “check it out”.

I perform my own oil changes on my car (that is as mechanically inclined as I think I’ll ever be)…but I always forget the mileage at which I performed my last oil change because I use the 15,000 mile oil.

So, I decided to save the mileage in an Evernote. And that was the only note that I had in my account.

Wouldn’t you know it that several months later I thought that the time might be coming up for me to perform another oil change. But, damn!!! What was the mileage last time???

Ha! I think I saved an Evernote about that! Lo and behold, I was a couple hundred miles past the point that I really needed an oil change (I already told you…I’m not mechanically inclined).

So began my romance with my little note buddy.

I now use Evernote for everything, such as:

  • Oil Change Log
  • Recipes
  • Favorite Websites
  • To Do Lists
  • Passwords
  • Seminar Notes
  • Business Card Snapshots
  • Addresses
  • Receipts
  • Confirmation Notices
  • ‘Print This Page’ Notices
  • Things I See In SkyMall
  • Article Ideas
  • Drink Recipes
  • Phone Numbers
  • Measurements
  • TV Remote Codes
  • A List of My Android Apps
  • Grocery Lists
  • And More…

The best part is that I can access my notes from anywhere; My iMac, my MacBook, my wife’s MacBook, my Android Phone, and basically anywhere that I can get an internet connection from.

I can add a title and multiple tags so that I can search for the note later just in case I can only remember a snippet from my note.

You can take picture notes, text notes, audio notes. Basically anything you ever want to save and retrieve later can be added to Evernote.

But enough about me…what are your thoughts on Evernote? How have you used it? Let me know in your comment below.

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Freddy is the founder and lead developer at KangoMedia. With over 15 years in web design & digital marketing, he has helped dozens of small businesses in multiple industries establish a professional online presence and generate thousands of leads for his clients.