Facebook Photo StripIn today’s post I wanted to show you how to utilize some very important screen real estate on your Facebook Fan Page, the 5 image photo strip area above your news feed.

Of the millions of Facebook Fan Pages that exist, very few of them are taking advantage of this area to promote their services and products.

And those that are using it are getting more exposure, more interaction, and ultimately more business.

But first…

What Is the Photo Strip?

The photo strip on Facebook is a way for you to share images that are related to your industry, your products, services…basically anything about your business.

It is very similar to the photo strip that existed on the old-style Facebook personal profile.

Anytime that you upload  a new photo, or image, to your fan page, it will show up on your feed as well as on this photo strip.

However, today I’m going to show you how to optimize this space to promote your products and even use this space to have your own customized ads.

Create Your Images

Facebook Photo Strip ImageFirst, you have to create the images that you would like to use on your photo strip.

The size of the images as they are shown on the photo strip are 97 x 68 pixels.

However, you’ll want to make your image much larger than that but scaled to those dimensions.

For example, you could make your image 10x larger by making it 970 x 680 pixels.

The reason for that is that although the images on the photo strip appear much smaller, your visitor can then click on it to see a full version like in the image to the left.

You can provide a call-to-action on the description of each of your images.

This is a great way to personalize and customize your offers.

I personally used an image size that was a little different from the dimensions I mention above. If you would like to see the Photoshop file that I made for my images…click here.

Another key point to keep in mind when creating your images is that each image has to be able to carry its own weight by itself.

What I mean is, that with the photo strip on a personal Facebook profile, it was possible to create a panoramic image consisting of the five images.  You could make a banner made up of the five images.

That’s not the case with the photo strip on your fan page.

The five images rotate each time your page is reloaded. There is no way to control what order the images show up in.

So make sure that your images are not dependent on one another.

Upload Your Images Already

I uploaded my five images in an album of their own for organization-sake.

You don’t have to do this, but I would recommend it.

Make sure to add a description with a call to action and include your website if that is a part of your call to action. Again, take a look at our images to get an idea of what you can add.

Note: As you share more content on your Facebook wall and upload images, the newly uploaded images will try to replace the ones you have in your photo strip.

It’s really simple to avoid that. Once you upload your image,  you’ll notice it in your photo strip.

Hover over the image and click on the “x” that appears to hide it. And that’s all.

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I hope you found this post helpful to customize your fan page and optimize it for your business.

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