Why Content Marketing Will Be Even More Important in 2012 For Small Businesses

2012 Content MarketingIn the past few years, we have seen an enormous shift in how big companies have been approaching marketing.

And as small business owners, we shouldn’t ignore that but in some way glean from it.

In the age of blogging and social media, it is no longer effective to simply broadcast your marketing or advertising outwardly to, or even at, an audience.

According to Mashable, businesses saw a great need to focus a good portion of their marketing efforts to content marketing in 2011. To quote, “In the past year, marketers distributed more business-to-business content on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter than ever, according to [the Content Marketing Institute].

And that will only continue in 2012.

The manner in which Content Marketing differs from traditional marketing is that Content Marketing calls for interactivity.

It’s purpose is to provide information that customers are searching for and then allows them to share it with others.

The Holy Grail of Content Marketing is that the piece of content becomes viral and is shared with millions in a short amount of time.

Can you accomplish this as a small business?

Fortunately you can. With a bit of¬†ingenuity (or maybe a lot), some creativity, and some “cojones”…some great content can be created for your business that will be invaluable to you in 2012.

Companies like Coca-Cola, Mint.com, and AMEX are expending great energy on content marketing. The infographic below will give you an idea why…

Although you might not have the budgets of some of these larger companies, you’ll still benefit by getting a good idea or two.

The Content Marketing Explosion

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