ScvngrThere are many applications on the web that allow users to share where they are. Think Foursquare or Facebook Places.

However, those applications currently do not give any control to a location or business to confirm that the person is actually in the place they say they are.

So what’s the down side of this?

Well, let’s say you use one of those services to offer a discount or special to those who ‘check-in’ to your business the most. Many could claim that they went to your business, but how would you actually know? You wouldn’t

SCVNGR looks to change that.

SCVNGR is an example of a location-sharing service built with verification in mind. In other words, users are required to perform an act of verification in order to qualify for the discount or special that you’re offering.

QR CodeThe verification is as simple as posting a QR code at your place of business and requiring visitors to scan it with their phone (kind of like signing in or checking in).

There is much more you can do with SCVNGR that can really help your business have more interaction with your customers and make each visit a memorable experience.

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Freddy is the founder and lead developer at KangoMedia. With over 15 years in web design & digital marketing, he has helped dozens of small businesses in multiple industries establish a professional online presence and generate thousands of leads for his clients.